Services 1 Global Sourcing (GS) We Drive Your Growth Forward GLOBAL SOURCING Our Strategies to make you competitive and successful by Manage product quality, Pay attention to the logistics, Mind your monetary risks, Watch out for cultural differences and language barriers, Be aware of laws and compliance. PRICE RELIANCE Literally we reverse supply chain costs by unparalleled service, in a challenging global economy, businesses need to make every effort to stay profitable. QUALITY ASSURANCE Ideally, the goal is to build an efficient supply chain with quality product throughout. ENSURE TIMELY SHIPMENT We always pay attention to the logistics to ensure the Timely Shipment to avoid shortfalls or demurrage.  Our Services services Our Way of Approaching Things is Pretty Amazing.

Global Sourcing is the only platform that fuels progress towards more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace culture. We do this by sharing individual experiences and normalizing transparency to benefit all Patrons.


Walk the future together


We reach every corner of the world.

We’ve developed an established global network made up by trustworthy partners that allows us to ensure maximum safety and fulfill every enquiry within the logistic department.

With timeliness, expertise and professionalism we support our clients’ businesses all over the world.


We assist our customers with everything that concerns the necessary for each circumstance. Both for import and export, be it in Bangladesh or the rest of the world, through our network of skilled partners.

We proactively assist with customs operation both inbound and outbound. A dedicated tutoring service to be able to rely on a consultant that focuses on your needs.

It’s a highly personalized service that consists of the assignment of an exclusive and dedicated consultant, able to offer an ad hoc solution tailored to the demands of the customer.

We guarantee the absolute integrity of every good shipped and stored at our operative premises.


We provide personalized logistic services based on your needs.

Doing shipments is rewarding, but offering complimentary services, created and tailored for our clients’ needs is even better.

We have the chance to carry inspections through our highly trained personnel.


The dedicated treatments we reserve to each one of our clients makes us an unicum in the logistics field.

Conjugating the attention to the finest details to meeting the deadlines is the great challenge we face everyday, namely the allotment of a unique consultant, that will be able to offer ad hoc solutions designed especially for the needs of the client.

Core Services

Our Trading services cover a wide range of fields of expertise and adapt to each company’s specific needs.

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